Please note that the International Commission Structure applies to non-residents of Canada.


$5 per ticket + 
$ 0.01 per share
if share price ≥ $1.00
$ 0.005 per share
if $0.25 ≤ share price < $1.00
$ 0.0025 per share
if share price < $0.25


$10 per ticket + 
$1.00 per contract (US)
$1.50 per contract (CA)


We may receive compensation by trading destinations, including electronic communication networks, market makers and exchanges in connection with trades on markets we direct to such destinations. We may be compensated in other ways as a result of the business you may do with us, including interest spreads on uninvested cash deposits with us and foreign exchange spreads when you convert currencies. We endeavor to be fully transparent on fees and commissions that you pay to us and to provide you with the information in advance so that you know what you will be paying. At times it may not be possible to completely estimate the exact fee you will pay to us in advance, although the ultimate fee charged will be calculated in accordance with the Commission Grid applicable to the account and the trade, as is in place at the time of the trade.

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