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When you own an investment, you want more than just the price it's trading at. Recent news, media coverage, dividend details, volume, bid and ask, and the year's high and low share prices — they could all be relevant to your next move. That's why the Quote feature exists; because it's not just an investment — it's your investment.


Our Watchlist feature shows you current and opening prices, percentage and dollar changes, highs and lows of the day, share and trade volume, and bid and ask size. All the details you need about the stocks you care about, together in one list.


Find out which stocks are moving the market with our Market Mover and Market Indices resources. Market Mover monitors the market, looking for the most active stocks that are driving market pricing. If you're interested in the general movements of the indices themselves, our Market Indices resource can track that for you as well, making sure you're always in the know.


Busy life? No time to check the markets every hour? We've got you covered. With Alerts, you can set up custom alerts via email that will notify you about specific events, such as a particular stock hitting a 52-week high. Let us do the market watching for you.


The Market Futures feature allows you to monitor the markets through futures prices on a variety of products, including  agriculture, currencies, energy, financials, metals and other indices.


The Earnings Calendar allows you to check upcoming earnings announcements in Canada and the US, sorted by date and market.

Wealthscope - Portfolio Analytics

This powerful analytics tool will evaluate your holdings and provide you an overall grade based on performance, income, fees, diversification, and downside protection.

You can also track the performance of your portfolio against a benchmark over time, build a hypothetical portfolio and analyze its performance, or have us curate a portfolio for you based on a simple questionnaire.

If you're planning for the long term, Wealthscope also allows you to build a retirement blueprint, so you can reach your goals within your own personal timeframe.

Financial Planning Tools

We offer an array of financial planning tools to help you take charge of your finances, make better decisions with your money, and establish an overall plan to meet your investment objectives.

These easy-to-use tools include several analytical calculators, allowing you to perform personalized analysis of your net worth, budget, expenses, mortgage payment options, debt consolidation plans, retirement planning, RRSP contributions, and more.


The Charting feature makes it possible for you to track multiple securities symbols simultaneously and over various timeframes; allowing you to compare performance in one place. Calculate price as well as changes in both percentage and dollar value, and do it all on one chart.

Technical Insights

The Technical Insight application goes beyond typical technical analysis tools. It automatically interprets the meaning behind analytics, presenting a clear indication of where the price may be headed and how long it may take to get there. It looks for signs of price strength and weakness by analyzing stocks for over 30 types of chart patterns, candlesticks, indicators, and oscillators.

Technical Insight also alerts traders to the formation of significant technical patterns and price movements through key support or resistance levels. It does the difficult technical analysis for you, producing easy-to-understand and actionable results.


Want to know more about how professional analysts view a particular stock? Our Analyst feature provides you a comprehensive overview of just that. It includes an aggregation of analyst ratings, an overview of current and historical recommendations, and the number of them available. In addition, it allows you to compare rankings with other companies operating in the same industry, giving you a more wholistic view of the stocks on your radar.

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