1. The minimum deposit required for opening an account at CI Direct Trading is $1,000 CAD.
  2. CI Direct Trading will cover transfer fees from your transferring institution to a maximum of $150 per account. This offer is only applicable to account transfers that are at least $25,000 in value.
  3. For an ETF trade to qualify for free commission for purchases, (a) the ETF equity must be traded on the US or Canadian exchanges and (b) The ETF purchase must be placed via VB Webtrader, and (c) the position must be held for at least one business day. Clients trading under the Commission Free or Classic commission structures can purchase any ETF commission free.
  4. Free Streaming Quotes: 1) Qualifying clients who make at least one complex option trade per calendar month will receive free streaming quotes including NASDAQ Level 1, NYSE and OPRA for that calendar month using Power Trader Pro. 2) Qualifying clients who make at least one complex option trade plus at least 10 other option and/or equity trades using Power Trader Pro, will receive free streaming quotes including NASDAQ Level 1, NYSE, OPRA and TSX Level 1 market data.

    This offer is only applicable to Non-Pro individual and joint accounts using Power Trader Pro. If no complex option trade is filled during a calendar month, standard market data fees for that calendar month will apply. This offer can be terminated or changed at any time by CI Direct Trading without advance notice.
  5. Enrollment in the CI Direct Trading, Self-Directed Purchase Plan (“SDPP”) or Dividend Purchase Plan (“DPP”) is voluntary and CI Direct Trading makes no recommendations regarding an account holder's participation or investment decisions in the SDPP or DPP. If you, your authorized trader or independent registered investment advisor opt-in to enrollment in the SDPP, CI Direct Trading will collect your Dividends (capitalized terms are defined below) from equity positions in a non-interest bearing account (your “Dividend Pooled Account”) that can be used to reinvest in Eligible Securities. “Eligible Securities” are marginable equity securities at CI Direct Trading.

    You may reinvest your Dividends into up to five Eligible Securities. Dividends paid out in the current month will be executed on the 15th of the month or on the next business day if the market is closed on that trading day (known as the “Purchase Day”) in the following month. Only full shares may be purchased for Eligible Securities through the SDPP and DPP, no fractional shares will be purchased through these programs. No purchases will be made if you do not have enough funds in your “Dividend Pooled Account” to purchase at least one full share of each selected security.

    All investments through the SDPP and DPP are commission-free. CI Direct Trading’s Dividend Purchase Plan (DPP) shares are bought automatically on the market using the dividend proceeds (as opposed to obtaining shares through the transfer agent). The cost is $1.00 per month for each account with stocks enrolled for DPP and SDPP. For purposes of the SDPP, “Dividends” are cash dividends from equity securities, including special dividends, but not including optional dividends. Equity positions held in a short position are not eligible for the SDPP and DPP. Equity securities which pay Dividends into the SDPP may differ from equity securities that can be purchased through the SDPP, however it will be the same for DPP. If you have any questions regarding “Eligible Securities” please contact CI Direct Trading.

    Upon enrollment, selected equity positions will automatically be included in the SDPP. Dividends are placed in your “Dividend Pooled Account” when you receive a Dividend from an equity security and you were enrolled in the SDPP before the Dividend payment date. The Dividend remains in your “Dividend Pooled Account” until the “Purchase Day”. You agree that CI Direct Trading shall not be liable to you for any delays in the submission or execution of your SDPP and DPP orders whether due to any act or omission by CI Direct Trading or a third party. If trading has been halted on any Eligible Securities you have elected to purchase, or if a previously selected security is no longer an Eligible Security on the purchase date, then an order will not be placed for that security through the SDPP or DPP. This will not affect the allocation of your “Dividend Pool Account” and will not prevent an order from being placed for the unaffected Eligible Securities you have selected.

    If the market changes significantly from the time your SDPP or DPP orders are placed to the execution of those orders, a debit may be created in your “Dividend Pool Account”. In this situation, CI Direct Trading reserves the right to satisfy that debit with funds in your brokerage account. If there are not enough funds in your brokerage account to satisfy the debit in your Program Balance, you may have a debit in your brokerage account. Participation in the SDPP or DPP may be terminated at any time by submission of cancellation notice to CI Direct Trading by logging into your account and requesting cancellation via Message Centre. The termination will take effect as soon as practicable. Please note that funds in the SDPP can’t be withdrawn unless you terminate your enrollment in the SDPP.

    CI Direct Trading reserves the right to terminate or modify the SDPP or DPP plans at any time for any reason. CI Direct Trading does not provide tax advice. Please consult a tax professional for questions concerning your personal tax or financial situation. Commission-free online trades and your use thereof are subject to your CI Direct Trading Account Agreement and the terms and conditions thereof. The cost of securities purchased and the payment of any applicable fees associated with the trades are not covered by this offer. Any taxes related to this offer are your responsibility.

    CI Direct Trading provides self-directed investors with discount brokerage services. CI Direct Trading does not make recommendations or offer investment advice of any kind. You should carefully consider your investment objectives and related risks before making any investment. You alone will bear the sole responsibility of evaluating the merits and risks associated with the use of any commission-free trades.